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MY LITTLE PONY - 4 Rotating Scenes

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Did you play with My Little Pony as a child? Were you a fan of the television series, the action figures, and the movies? Did you dream about visiting the magical land where the ponies and their friends ran through the fields and went on exciting adventures? If so, then you might be happy to learn that now you can bring My Little Pony, and a touch of nostalgia, to your personal bank checks.

My Little Pony first came out in the 1980s. They are still popular even today, nearly 30 years later. The ponies were brightly colored and contained emblems on their backs for which they were named after. Accessories came with the ponies that included brushes for their manes and tails, shoes, and even outfits.

The ponies started out as Earth ponies, chubby horses with symbols on their backs that represented their names. Later on, there were also Pegasi and Unicorns, too. The Flutter ponies were much smaller and had see-through wings that actually fluttered when a small button was pressed between them. The male ponies, called "Big Brother ponies" resembled Clydesdales. Along with the action figures, there was also a television series, animated specials, and a feature length movie, too.

The My Little Pony television specials, cartoon, and movie were all set in Dream Valley, a magical land that was also inhabited by goblins, witches, and other magical creatures. The ponies, their dragon friend Spike, and their human friend Megan, often interacted with these other magical creatures, many of whom tried to capture the ponies and use them for their own purposes.

The My Little Pony checks are as bright and colorful as the ponies themselves. Most of the series come in an assortment of four different images, meaning that every check you write will be different from the one before it. The bright colors, the fanciful backgrounds, and the smiling ponies will all be reminders of your favorite childhood toy.

My Little Pony checks come in both single and duplicate form. You can also find top stub checks available with these designs, too. In addition, you can also purchase coordinating address labels, address cards, and a matching checkbook cover as well.

If you let the high price of personal checks, and the inconvenience of having to go to your local bank to order them, stop you from getting checks in the past then you might be happy to know that by ordering your checks online you can save both time and money.

By ordering your My Little Pony checks from a reputable website you can save up to as much as 50% off the cost of the checks that your bank might have charged you. Plus, you will have a wider assortment of checks to choose from, too. You can generally expect to receive your checks in around 3-5 days, which might be even faster than your bank got them to you in the past.